An ocean of inspiration - Our Azure collection

We draw inspiration from the patterns and forms of nature around us when we are thinking about our designs.

Being based in Bali we have an endless source of amazing sights to inspire us, the lush jungle vegetation, the tans and browns of the arid landscapes around sacred Mount Agung, and the electric blue of the seemingly endless sky.

But we are also inspired by other places and experiences, and one of the most influential was a trip to Greece, in particular the island of Santorini,

Berawa Luxe - Azure collection - Santorini

Painters and artists talk about the quality of the light and it’s something that holds true.

There is a crispness to the light that is hard to describe, a crispness which has drawn artists to this magical place across the years.   

Perhaps it is the strength of the sunlight; perhaps it is the dryness of the air.  It is hard to know but amazing to experience.

Santorini sits on the rim of a long extinct volcano, overlooking the giant crater now open to the sea.

Passenger liners painted white cruise into the embracing arms of the caldera, looking tiny when viewed form the clifftops high above.

Berawa Luxe - Azure collection - Santorini inspiration

The sky seems endless, dotted here and there with almost cartoon shaped puffs of white cloud.

Mirrored below is the Mediterranean sea, stretching limitlessly to the far horizon.

And between these two vast panoramas is the town of Santorini, with its white painted buildings and blue domed churches which seem to connect the sky above and sea below.

Berawa Luxe - Azure skies collection - Santorini inspiration

Santorini has been called the blue island, and it is this blue which we have used to draw inspiration from for our Azure skies collection.


Berawa Luxe - Azure collection

Blending simplicity with style, we hope you enjoy wearing these items as much as we enjoyed the inspiration and designing when making them.

Here are a couple of examples of what we created, and what people are enjoying, from our Azure collection.



We constantly find inspiration in the world around us and love the process of using this inspiration to design our clothing and accessories for people to enjoy.

What ignites your creative flow?

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