The Berawa Luxe family

Family values – ethical practices

Berawa Luxe is a fashion brand based in Bali, and it is no accident that we are here.

Once you spend any amount of time here, the magic of Bali and its people starts to become a part of your own outlook and approach.

It is easy to fall deeply in love with the landscape, the colours, sounds, people and traditions of this beautiful place, and we draw daily inspiration from being here.

We are a like-minded group of people who all hold this appreciation of Bali, and over time our shared love for fashion and design became clearer, and Berawa Luxe was conceived and born.

Things didn’t just evolve though, we put careful thought and consideration into the decision to setup in Bali, and one of the major factors in that decision was making our products ethically using sustainable practices and supporting the people involved in the manufacture of our ranges.

The idea was to build a family, and our partners and staff have managed over the last 12 years to do just that.

Over this time we have steadily grown, and we are seventeen people now, many who have been with us from day one, working across all areas of the business to design, create and supply our clothing and accessories.

We care about all of our staff and believe in paying them fairly for their talents and skills, and that is why the workers we employ all earn above minimum wage and have employment packages for their health.

This caring approach has been extended from our staff to us as owners as well.

Bali is an integrated society, with people and ceremony intimately bound together in support of each other.

We are proud that our Balinese and multi-national family at Berawa are welcomed into the local community. We share together the more personal occasions such as family ceremonies, weddings, birthdays as well as community ceremonies too.

We put a lot of time and thought into the needs and personal priorities of all the member of Berawa Luxe and are grateful to be so warmly welcomed; it is a true family feeling.

For our products, we also take great care and attention in making sure that we use only the best and that the materials we use are all sustainably produced.

We use a lot of linen and cotton in our designs – Indonesia produces many fine textiles and we make sure that all the materials we use are all ethically sourced.

We interweave these fabrics with rayon to give the ultimate in drape and feel.

We are proud of what we have built together at Berawa Luxe, and feel that this closeness and family feeling that has grown over the years shows in the quality and design of all the items that we love to make for you.

From floaty dresses to sophisticated jumpsuits, each piece is crafted using our own colours and original print designs that are screen-printed by hand.

We invite you to immerse yourself in a unique range of prints and colours that capture the magic of our beautiful “island of Gods”

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